Natural ways to detoxify the body

5 natural ways to detoxify the body

Detoxification simply means a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to their body, thereby getting rid of various toxins or waste that lies in the body system.

To help detoxify your body system however, you need to consider certain foods, drinks and taking part in body regulatory activities. Below are 5 natural ways to detoxify the body.

1. Water

The human body system is made up of about 60% of water.

In most cases of human related activities, water is often used to relieve stress, regulate the body organs, control constipation, improve digestion as well as fight body toxins. Adequate consumption of water helps remove toxic substances. It also keep the skin healthy, young and void of wrinkles. See 20 exciting ways you can use water to detoxify your body here

2. Honey

Honey remains one of the best natural ways to fight body toxins, as it rivals water intake in this regard. Use the mixture of honey with warm water and lemon to get rid of harmful toxins from your body. This particular combination is the best effective if you take it first thing in the morning before any meal, as this helps in weight loss and regulates body metabolism. Honey also helps to heal body wounds faster, reduce body weight and enhances energy.

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3. Regular Exercise

Exercise remains the oldest and most common way to detoxify the body. Various bodily exercises ranging from push ups, squatting, weight lifting and yoga all help to control and maintain body fitness. You can achieve weightloss, fitness and adequate energy through exercise. As you engage in different exercises, your body sheds enough sweat, which is seen as excess sugar leaving the body system.

4. Herbal Tea

Various herbal teas such as green tea are also useful in the fight against body toxins. Herbal teas help greatly in cases of obesity and constipation. They also help fight diseases such as typhoid or malaria. You can also consume herbal tea to regulate body heat in cases of extreme cold.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

Regular intake of veggies and fruits are natural ways to detoxify the body, as most of them are rich in vitamins and minerals which help fight body toxins. Oranges, avocados, pineapples, carrots, cabbage etc are all great fruits and veggies that can help in this case.