7 ways to remain calm when you feel overwhelmed

7 ways to remain calm when you feel overwhelmed

You might find it difficult once in a while to handle your emotions or stay calm in the midst of stressful situation such as very demanding work, family issues or disappointments.

In moments like this, you are vulnerable to take rash decisions or actions you might regret. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and wait for the situation to improve before you proceed to do anything.

Here are 7 ways to remain calm when you feel overwhelmed

1. Take a deep breath

This is an effective way to calm down but most people overlook the powerful effect of deep breaths because they think it is difficult to do. There is a direct link between your emotional level and breathing. Taking a deep breath will help bring you to the realization that you are over doing things and as such you will be able to control your emotions.

Hold your breath at four different times and then gradually discharge the air through your mouth each time. Repeat this anytime you feel overwhelmed and you will notice frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed dissolve with each long exhale.

2. Take a walk

Walking away from an overwhelming situation does not mean you are weak. Rather it means you are emotionally strong to let go of the situation. Therefore, you should identify what triggers your emotion and learn to walk away from situations.

3. Think less

Sometimes you overburden yourself with too much thinking and too much work, then later get overwhelmed by these activities. When you think too much, you might reach a stage where you become exhausted and unproductive. I suggest you slow down and take one step at a time but make sure you are making progress.

4. Use positive declarations

Whatever you say has a way of coming to reality on the long run. Therefore, learn to say positive things to yourself and to every overwhelming situation around you. Use positive phrases like “I know I will make it,” “I’ve got this”. Make sure you tailor the declaration to your present circumstance. Say these phrases continuously to yourself until you feel calmer and able to cope with your situation.

5. Listen to Music

Music is a powerful tool for relaxation. It has a way of relieving you from every burden or discharging any negative emotion. Anytime you feel overwhelmed by a situation you don’t know how to overcome, try as much to listen to your favorite kind of music. At the end, you will feel at ease and be able to think clearly about the situation.

6. Try to exercise

Staying active improves your productivity level, boosts your ability to manage stress and helps you to escape the tense situation. Physical activity enhances your mood and changes the feeling that induces the sense of being overwhelmed. Exercising also helps to propel the ‘feel-good’ hormone endorphin through your body and this brings clarity of mind.

7. Go on a vacation

If you can afford a vacation leave, please do so. From time to time, you need to take a vacation to change your environment and get some relaxation. Go to new places, see new things and have free times. This will help you see life in a different light. When you get back to work, you will be able to perform better and block out negative vibes.

Lastly, always work to improve your emotional stability. If you are able to master it, you will find it easy to remain calm in all situations.