why you should eat spinach

Why you should eat spinach

Spinach is a delicious vegetable full of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to the body. To enjoy the nutritional values of spinach, you should eat it when it’s fresh. Also, half a cup of raw spinach counts as 1 of the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables you should eat a day.

Below are more reasons why you should eat spinach

It improves your bone health

The National Osteoporosis Foundation endorses spinach as a good source of vitamin K, which improves bone density and can even help prevent fractures. Spinach also provides calcium for the body which helps to build strong bones.

It helps your eyesight

Spinach is high in the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which play a major roles in eye health such as prevention of cataracts. Most importantly, they help guard your eyes against the harmful properties of ultraviolet sunlight. Also, one cup of cooked spinach has 20 mg and research has shown that getting 10mg of lutein a day is a major health boost for your eyes.

Spinach fights cancer

Researchers believe that carotenoids seem to prevent cancer by acting as antioxidants—that is, scouring potentially dangerous ‘free radicals’ from the body before they can do harm. Also, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach contains powerful cancer-fighting properties. This is as a result of their high level of carotenoids, the pigments that give vegetables and fruits their colour. In addition, spinach contains vitamin C, which helps to fight cancer.

It helps to promote clean and healthy skin

Spinach contains a high amount of vitamin A which prevents skin aging and promotes healthy skin.

It eases constipation

Spinach contains healthy properties which are: soluble and insoluble fiber. These properties help ease you through
any blockage. Also, the magnesium in spinach aids helps the colon contract to wash waste through your system.

It protects your heart

Omega-3 fatty acid helps protect the heart from diseases by improving blood vessel function and lowers blood pressure. This nutrient is available in spinach, so eat spinach for good heart health.

Do you love spinach?

Why you should bother about fitness

Why you should bother about fitness

Fitness is a condition where a person is physically fit and healthy.

From the above definition, we can say that fitness does not have to do with only our physical appearance. It encompasses everything about our health.

When we talk of fitness we are talking about our physical fitness, mental fitness, fitness of the heart and our overall well-being. You can see from the foregoing that you need to bother about fitness. A fit person is confident, healthy, active and happy.

You should be concerned about fitness because it is also the path to the lifestyle you choose. If you choose to live a life of optimal health you need to embrace physical activities to boost your fitness level.

Regular exercise is an important activity that you must embrace for your well being. It helps to put you in a light mood and your muscles will become toned. These are just some short term benefits of exercising. In the long run, regular exercise will prevent you from having cancer and heart related diseases, it will also give you a glow of forever young. Continue Reading Why you should bother about fitness

daily positive affirmations

Start your day with these daily positive affirmations

Saying is believing. Isn’t it?

Yes, I know it is actually seeing is believing, but today I want you to shift your mindset from believing in only the things you see. The things you say can also manifest especially if you say them with conviction.

If you doubt me, start saying the following daily positive affirmations every morning and come back here to thank me later.

1. I love myself

Yes, you need to remind yourself about selflove especially in the morning when you are about to commute to work. Tell yourself you love yourself and this will make you avoid the reckless driver that would not just stay on his own lane or the careless pedestrian who is almost straying away from the sidewalk.

If these people do not love themselves as to start misbehaving on the road early in the morning, you should remind yourself that you care so much about you and avoid them. You love yourself and you plan to live healthy and in good shape. Continue Reading Start your day with these daily positive affirmations

anti stress

How to deal with stress and anxiety

Life activities range from personal job, domestic work, business or even people interaction and they usually constitute stress and anxiety, but what matters most is how you are able to cope with them so they don’t affect your wellbeing in a negative manner.

What exactly do we mean by stress and anxiety?

Stress is a state of tiredness from excessive work which while anxiety is a state of fear about future events or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

It is therefore important to note that both of these subjects have similar effects in that they drain the body of physical and mental strength. Both of them tend to make the human body look aged than it’s meant to be if not properly managed, which can lead to denial of enjoying absolute wellness.

Furthermore, you can manage stress and anxiety if you take the necessary precautions is taken to maintain your well-being. Continue Reading How to deal with stress and anxiety

Natural ways to detoxify the body

5 natural ways to detoxify the body

Detoxification simply means a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to their body, thereby getting rid of various toxins or waste that lies in the body system.

To help detoxify your body system however, you need to consider certain foods, drinks and taking part in body regulatory activities. Below are 5 natural ways to detoxify the body.

1. Water

The human body system is made up of about 60% of water.

In most cases of human related activities, water is often used to relieve stress, regulate the body organs, control constipation, improve digestion as well as fight body toxins. Adequate consumption of water helps remove toxic substances. It also keep the skin healthy, young and void of wrinkles. See 20 exciting ways you can use water to detoxify your body hereContinue Reading 5 natural ways to detoxify the body

getting a good night rest

Why getting a good night rest is good for your health

It is only normal for you to have a good night rest after a hectic day. On the other hand, different factors like lack of sleep, work left undone can hinder you from sleeping well at night. However, you should try as much as possible to have a good night rest to enjoy the following benefits:

1. You will live longer

According to the study carried out in 2010 amongst women between the ages 50 to 79, the study discovered that more deaths occurred in women who got less than five hours or more than six and a half hours of sleep per night. This research shows that sleep has an effect on your life quality. Also, your body system feels renewed ready to fight against diseases. Continue Reading Why getting a good night rest is good for your health

how to grow healthy hair

4 simple ways to grow healthy hair

Healthy hair is the pride of everyone. Having healthy hair means your scalp is in great condition and you are also able to make different hair styles as you wish without fair of itchy scalp or insufficient front and back hair.

This post will show you 4 simple ways to groom and grow healthy hair.

How to grow healthy hair

1. Eat proteins

I guess you have heard of the general saying of “you are what you eat”. You should always eat right and healthy. One of the ways way to eat right for your hair is to include protein in your meal plan because hair is built primarily from the protein keratin. Protein helps to prevent hair breakage making your hair grow stronger and longer. Continue Reading 4 simple ways to grow healthy hair

10 ailments you can cure with honey

10 ailments you can cure with honey

Over the years, people have come to discover the amazing health benefits of honey. This explains why honey has been used and still very much utilized as a home remedy to cure so many ailments.

Below is a list of 10 ailments you can cure with honey being part of the remedial ingredients

1. Arthritis

Honey helps to reduce the cause of the inflammation and provides a natural form to relieve the pain. Add one teaspoon of honey to warm water and drink it daily. You may also add lemon to the mixture. Continue Reading 10 ailments you can cure with honey

7 ways to remain calm when you feel overwhelmed

7 ways to remain calm when you feel overwhelmed

You might find it difficult once in a while to handle your emotions or stay calm in the midst of stressful situation such as very demanding work, family issues or disappointments.

In moments like this, you are vulnerable to take rash decisions or actions you might regret. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and wait for the situation to improve before you proceed to do anything. Continue Reading 7 ways to remain calm when you feel overwhelmed

Top four uses of pure natural honey

Top four uses of pure natural honey

Honey is a natural food with organic properties that are quite helpful to the body. Raw honey can be consumed in its raw state, so, it does not require refinement unlike other sweeteners like sugar.

Honey can also serve as an antidote for germs, infections, wounds and sores.

With the above assertions, it is apparent that honey is quite beneficial to mankind in no little way. Here are top four uses of pure natural honey to help you enjoy this amazing food item to its maximum. Continue Reading Top four uses of pure natural honey