daily positive affirmations

Start your day with these daily positive affirmations

Saying is believing. Isn’t it?

Yes, I know it is actually seeing is believing, but today I want you to shift your mindset from believing in only the things you see. The things you say can also manifest especially if you say them with conviction.

If you doubt me, start saying the following daily positive affirmations every morning and come back here to thank me later.

1. I love myself

Yes, you need to remind yourself about selflove especially in the morning when you are about to commute to work. Tell yourself you love yourself and this will make you avoid the reckless driver that would not just stay on his own lane or the careless pedestrian who is almost straying away from the sidewalk.

If these people do not love themselves as to start misbehaving on the road early in the morning, you should remind yourself that you care so much about you and avoid them. You love yourself and you plan to live healthy and in good shape.

2. I choose to be happy

So, you are finally at work and your boss or juniors are trying hard  to make the day stressful already. This is when you need this affirmation РI choose to be happy Рto fight against stress without negative reactions.

Repeat this affirmation till you are able to convince not only yourself but also your colleagues that the day is bright and you plan to end it that way by refusing to see any negativity.

3. I choose to focus on the things I can do

Let’s talk about productivity. Do you get distracted easily? What if you just MIND YOUR BUSINESS and reduce your interest in what every other person is doing? You are super and unique. You too can create awesome online courses, tutorials and even products that people will pay for. Instead of looking for your weakness in what other people are creating, focus on your strength and bring out the creativity in you too.

If you are reading this in the evening or at any other time other than in the morning, make sure to bookmark this page and recite this affirmation – I choose to focus on the things I can do – first thing tomorrow morning.

4. Something wonderful is about to happen

Now slow down here, let’s talk about that goal you are pursuing. Today is another day and you feel like giving up because it seems hard to reach your aim. Really, stop exaggerating, just take a deep breath and say this affirmation then get to work.

Did you know that an overnight success is usually a result of one if not ten years of trials? So, just enjoy the adventure and be positive that something good will happen. Of course it will.

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