Top four uses of pure natural honey

Top four uses of pure natural honey

Honey is a natural food with organic properties that are quite helpful to the body. Raw honey can be consumed in its raw state, so, it does not require refinement unlike other sweeteners like sugar.

Honey can also serve as an antidote for germs, infections, wounds and sores.

With the above assertions, it is apparent that honey is quite beneficial to mankind in no little way. Here are top four uses of pure natural honey to help you enjoy this amazing food item to its maximum.

1. Skin care

Some skins wrinkle up fast due to poor maintenance culture by the owners. For smooth and moisturized skin, try the following:

  1. Dip a damp cloth into raw honey and use it clean the face or skin in a circular motion. Allow the honey on the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse off.
  2. Beauticians endorse the use of honey to cleanse the skin and possibly remove remnants of makeup.
  3. To have a clear and smooth skin, mix honey with either jojoba or olive oil and mask it all over the body. Rinse off with warm water to unveil a new skin.
  4. Honey is also ideal for skin exfoliation. Scrub the skin with honey alongside baking soda to loosen the pores, soften and smoothen out the skin.
  5. Dry skin can come alive if it encounters natural honey. Just add 1/3 cups of honey to bathing water, leave for some minutes, then bath with the water.
  6. You may also add honey and baking soda to a bath tub and soak yourself for 15 minutes to help you get rid of dead body cells and irritation.
  7. Honey can help remove blemishes, spots, dark patches and other skin breakouts. All you need do is to coat honey on the affected parts and leave it overnight and be rest assured to wake to a new radiant skin. Repeat this twice a week.

2. Hair care

Honey is useful for the hair in the following ways.

  1. Keeping the scalp and hair healthy. To have a healthy scalp, blend banana and honey together until mixture is even. Apply mixture to the scalp and leave for some minutes then wash it off.
  2. Honey can be used to prevent damage and breakage of hair. Mix honey and egg together and add to your hair. Cover it with a good covering overnight and wash it off in the morning. This can be done twice a week.
  3. Honey is a good soothing therapy for scalp problems such dandruff and ringworm. The simple therapy is to mix coconut oil with honey and massage it onto your scalp. It will help you get rid of dead cells and help prevent future occurrence.
  4. You can also fight hair loss, impurities and clogging with pure natural honey. Blend honey and olive oil into an even consistency and apply the mixture all over your hair. Leave in for 30 minutes before rinsing for an effective result.

 3. Health remedy

Your health is not left out of honey goodness for a healthy living. Health experts have also advocated the use of pure natural honey to improve health problems.

Honey is a good source of antioxidants. It contains chemical properties like phenolic which is helps protect the body from cell destruction and free radicals.

  1. Honey has been said to prevent serious illnesses such as cancer.
  2. Medical experts say that honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic in nature and can actually be used to fight both bacteria and fungi infections such as sore throat, cough etc.
  3. Honey can be used to treat wound because it is an effective germ killer. Research has shown that honey contains extra antibacterials properties that helps to promote healing process and also eliminate infections.

4. Nutrition

Honey is very useful when it comes to eating as food or used for cooking. Some people use honey as their preferred sweetener because most sweeteners consist mainly of carbohydrate while raw honey has vitamins and minerals.

Below are few major uses of honey as food. We will explore this topic in upcoming blog posts.

  1. It can be used as a spread for most food without risk
  2. Honey is ideal for  baking and preparing desserts
  3. It can be used as a great flavor in sauces
  4. Honey is a better alternative to artificial sweeteners in beverages

How do you apply honey to your lifestyle?