getting a good night rest

Why getting a good night rest is good for your health

It is only normal for you to have a good night rest after a hectic day. On the other hand, different factors like lack of sleep, work left undone can hinder you from sleeping well at night. However, you should try as much as possible to have a good night rest to enjoy the following benefits:

1. You will live longer

According to the study carried out in 2010 amongst women between the ages 50 to 79, the study discovered that more deaths occurred in women who got less than five hours or more than six and a half hours of sleep per night. This research shows that sleep has an effect on your life quality. Also, your body system feels renewed ready to fight against diseases.

2. It improves your level of concentration

Lack of good sleep will make you look and moody all day, blocking you from concentration. Getting a good night rest improves your level of concentration because your body and brain get to relax.

3. It helps you maintain a stable and healthy body weight

If you are trying to burn fat and also maintain a good figure, you need to get a good night rest. It will enable your metabolism level to work faster which helps to burn fat. In addition, according to a study carried out by scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden, the researchers suggested getting plenty of sleep might maintain a stable and healthy body weight.

4. It put you in a much better mood

Sleeping well will put you in a good mood as you will feel relaxed and refreshed when you wake. Getting a good night rest can really help lift your mood and decrease your anxiety making you to be more emotionally stable.

5. It gives room for creativity

Getting a good night rest gives room for creativity because you will be able to see things in a different light and different way. This is because your level of concentration has increased and you are not tensed.

6. Helps to remove inflammation

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging are all connected to inflammation. Studies have shown that people who get less sleep (six or fewer hours a night) have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins than those who get more.

7. Improves your memory

Getting a good rest helps to strengthen your memory level. You are prone to perform better when you have a good night rest because your memory level is well improved.

8. It helps to avoid depression

Depression is linked to lack of good rest and sleeping disorder. A research has shown that an estimated 90% of patients with depression complain about sleep quality. Therefore, one of the effective ways to curb depression is to get a good night rest.

9. It improves your athletic performance

We all know how exercise can improve one’s health. Therefore, the need for regular exercise cannot be overemphasized. Less sleep duration has been linked to poor exercise performance and functional limitation in elderly women. Also, enough sleep has encouraged better athletic performance amongst people.

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