Why you should bother about fitness

Why you should bother about fitness

Fitness is a condition where a person is physically fit and healthy.

From the above definition, we can say that fitness does not have to do with only our physical appearance. It encompasses everything about our health.

When we talk of fitness we are talking about our physical fitness, mental fitness, fitness of the heart and our overall well-being. You can see from the foregoing that you need to bother about fitness. A fit person is confident, healthy, active and happy.

You should be concerned about fitness because it is also the path to the lifestyle you choose. If you choose to live a life of optimal health you need to embrace physical activities to boost your fitness level.

Regular exercise is an important activity that you must embrace for your well being. It helps to put you in a light mood and your muscles will become toned. These are just some short term benefits of exercising. In the long run, regular exercise will prevent you from having cancer and heart related diseases, it will also give you a glow of forever young.

Aside exercise, your nutrition also plays an important role in your fitness life. You should be mindful of what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. If you exercise regularly but adapt to unhealthy diet, you might not achieve your desired fitness goals.

Consider the following techniques in your diet and fitness routine

  1. Substitution in your diet; this has to do with leaving unhealthy food and picking up their healthy counterparts, e.g. replacing sugar with honey.
  2. Moderation, which is all about eating only what you need to eat not what you have to eat to feel full. It is also called portion control and there are several techniques that you can use to achieve portion control such as drinking water before you eat.
  3. Consistency simply means to be steadfast in your fitness activities. If running 20 minutes daily 5 times a week is what suits you, stick to it. If it is skipping or jogging, please do it at the specified time and for the specified period.

Overall, you should be concerned about fitness because a fit body is a happy mind.